[APFE2021] The 17th Shanghai International Adhesive Tape Protective Film and Functional Film Exhibition
  2021/06/03| View:273

The total scale of this year's fair is 53,500 square meters (Hall 5.1+6.1), attracting more than 900 Chinese and foreign companies to participate in 39,000 participants from outside the conference showed a new generation of adhesive new materials and functional membrane products and technical solutions.

The 17th Shanghai International Adhesive Tape Protective Film and Functional Film Exhibition includes: Protective film: PE, PET, OPP, PVC, BOPP, TPU and other process protective films and anti-scratch/explosion-proof/anti-glare/anti-scratch Peep and other functional protective film, including self-adhesive protective film, electrostatic protective film and release film/paper and other auxiliary materials. Functional film:
1) Optical film (brightness enhancement film, diffuser film, reflective film, polarizing film, brightness enhancement composite film, light guide film and other backlight/display optical grade film);
2) Photoelectric/screen film (optical protective film) , Hardened film/anti-scratch film/privacy film/explosion-proof film/anti-glare film, ITO film, OCA optical glue, etc.);
3) Flexible packaging film (aluminum film, barrier film, highlight film, printing film, etc.);
4) Car clothing film/smart window film/insulation film/car film (film)/dimming film/reflective film, etc.;
5) Energy film (photovoltaic film/battery membrane/water treatment film);
6) IMD decorative film , Graphite thermal film, insulating film, antistatic film, laser film, nano film, PC/PMMA film and other functional films.
1. Adhesive coils: various substrate adhesive tapes, protective films, adhesive labels/stickers, and release film/paper and other related auxiliary materials;
2. Film coils: PET (BOPET), PP (BOPP/OPP/CPP), PE/CPE, PVC and other functional films as the base material;
3. Shielding/conductive coils;
4. Insulation/flame retardant coils;
5. Waterproof/sealing coils;
6. Shock absorption/cushioning coils;
7. Heat conduction/heat dissipation coils;
8. Packaging/labeling coils. and many more


On May 26th, Changzhou Shujie Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. brought its products: monolithic composite film, protective film, protective film substrate, conductive film, flame-retardant film, easy-tear film, release film, medical film and other products to debut this time Shanghai exhibition.


This exhibition is our company's participation in the Shanghai exhibition for many years. Our products have received extensive attention at this Shanghai exhibition. The booth is on the doorstep, and its products have been praised by new and old customers. Some new customers have expressed their opinions on our products. Both expressed great interest and expressed a strong desire to visit the company on site. Our company has laid a solid foundation for achieving this year's annual business goals by participating in this exhibition. At the same time, it strengthened the confidence of all employees of the company and inspired their passion for work.