Changzhou Shujie Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. was established in July 2003 and is located in Changzhou, China Dinosaur City. After years of development, the company has many brand-new film making equipment and high-quality technical research and development talents. The company has always been committed to improving film packaging solutions. Program, and has high-end PE coating substrate and self-adhesive film production capacity. In order to adapt to market development, the company has been adhering to the tenet of "providing customers with products and services that meet their requirements" for many years. On the basis of meeting the requirements, strive to achieve product upgrades, take the road of high-end, environmental protection, and energy saving, and rely on technological innovation to realize brand value. The company adheres to the people-oriented, pragmatic and innovative business philosophy, realizes the common growth of the company and employees, and achieves mutual benefit and win-win with customers while providing products and services that meet customer requirements.
The characteristics of fire-retardant film: 1. Light transmission. The fire-retardant film is light and the light transmittance can reach 45~63, which can create a soft and comfortable space environment and show the advantages of the product.
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How to paste and use the sheet protective film
The sheet protective film is generally applied to a flat surface. One method of application is to have two people apply the film. One person holds the film roll, while the other person pulls the loose end to the other end of the target material, fixes one end to the target surface, and then manually presses the sheet protective film into place and returns to the person holding the film roll This method is a test of labor intensity, but the effect is quite good.
The role and advantages of coated film substrate
Adhesive film substrate is a solid sheet of thermoplastic or partially cured (B-stage) thermosetting polymer, which can be cut to a certain size and is usually used to connect large-area components, substrates and covers. The coated film substrate is a thin layer of high-performance adhesive supported by a backing material. They are relatively thin, but they provide adhesive properties similar to fasteners, screws, rivets, and welding, and are suitable for many applications.
8 characteristics and purchasing skills of release film substrate
The release film substrate is also called release film, isolation film, etc. It is based on plastic film (sheet), and the release agent and glue are coated on one or both sides of the film, so that it is limited to specific materials. It is a functional film that is not sticky or slightly sticky after contact.