Features and functions of fire retardant film
  2021/07/26| View:1321

The characteristics of fire retardant film:
1. light transmission
The fire-retardant film is light and the light transmittance can reach 45~63, which can create a soft and comfortable space environment and show the advantages of the product.
2. Safety and environmental protection
The fireproof and flame retardant film adopts aerospace industry technology, does not contain harmful substances such as cadmium, formaldehyde, ethanol, and no related toxic substances are released during use, and can be recycled, in line with the theme of green environmental protection.
3. Easy to clean
The fire-retardant and flame-retardant film is a special high-strength composite material with a non-sticky surface and can be cleaned directly with water, saving maintenance costs.
4. Easy to install
The fire-retardant film can be directly pasted on the wall, wooden square, steel structure, gypsum wall and wooden wall, suitable for various building structures. Easy to install, stable material, not easy to stretch and deform.


Product function of fire retardant film:
1. Waterproof
It can withstand the washing of sewage. After cleaning, the fire-resistant and flame-retardant film can still be used. The surface is treated with anti-fogging and will not produce condensation water due to moisture.
2. Fire prevention
3. Cold resistance
Placed for 24 hours at minus 29 degrees Celsius, it is still intact when taken out. To a certain extent, the problem of freezing has been solved.
4: High temperature resistance
Under normal temperature, it will not deform or expand.
5. Sound absorption
The fire-retardant film has an ideal sound absorption effect for high, medium and low frequency sounds, and is suitable for use in public places such as concert halls, conference rooms, schools, etc.
6. Anti-bacterial
The fire-retardant flame retardant film is added with special antibacterial and anti-mold preparations in the production process, which can effectively inhibit a variety of pathogenic bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus and Pneumoniae bacillus. It is suitable for use in hospitals and other places.
7. High tensile strength
Using high-strength fireproof fiber yarn, the tensile strength is 2000N/25MM, and the degree of tearing is more than 19.6N.