What is cotton wrapping film and how to choose
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In the process of mechanized cotton picking, the packing film (like household cling film) used behind the cotton picking and packing machine is the cotton wrapping film. When the packed cotton reaches the rated amount, the cotton wrapping film will automatically disconnect and the machine will start to pack The next bale of cotton.


Cotton wrapping film is a new type of cotton harvesting and packaging product that is convenient for cotton packaging, transportation and storage. There are many advantages of cotton wrapping film. First, it is firm and easy to transport. Through the protection of the outer film, it can play a good role in moisture-proof, water-proof and breathable. The appearance is transparent. The film itself has good self-adhesiveness, tensile and puncture resistance. , It is safe, non-toxic and tasteless, does not become brittle and does not lose stains in low temperature environment, and the cotton packaging yield is high, which improves efficiency while reducing use costs.
Compared with traditional cotton picking methods, cotton wrapping film can effectively avoid the problem of traditional cotton pickers being contaminated by hair filaments and other impurities during the cotton transfer process, improve cotton quality, and fundamentally solve the problem of cotton harvesting, transportation, stacking and storage. A series of questions.
Changzhou Shujie Plastic's cotton wrapping film has reasonable workmanship, and the sticky layer is separated from the non-sticky layer, which reduces the pollution and waste in the cotton operation process. At the same time, the glue is added to the film without residue and secondary pollution. Stronger self-adhesiveness. The cotton wrapping film uses high-strength materials and uses three-layer co-extrusion technology to stabilize the horizontal and vertical tensile force of the film, which is convenient for consignment, loading and unloading.
How to choose cotton wrapping film?
1. Look at the certificate and production date: As the cotton wrapping film will age for a long time in stock, it will shorten its service life and lose its original protective effect. When buying cotton wrapping film, the product certificate and production date must be checked.
2. Appearance quality: Some cotton wrapping films on the market are caused by production equipment, raw materials, technology and other reasons. From the appearance, it can be seen that the thickness is uneven, bubbles, perforations, splits, etc., which are prone to breakage during use. Therefore, when purchasing cotton wrapping film, check whether the thickness is uniform. Good quality cotton wrapping film is tightly rolled, smooth and bright in appearance, and has good horizontal and vertical tension.
3. Thickness: For manufacturers, in order to reduce costs, they will produce thin cotton wrapping film, but if it is too thin, it will definitely affect product quality.
4. Pull the cotton wrap film on site: a good film has good horizontal and vertical tension. Cut a small strip of cotton wrap film and it can stretch 2-3 times when stretched.
5. Calculate the amount of cotton wrapping film.