The characteristics of the sheet protective film and how to tear off the sheet protective film
  2021/05/17| View:171

Product features of sheet protective film:    
1. Anti-scratch, can protect LCD screen reasonably and safely.    
2. Reasonably clear the glare effect to make the vision clearer.    
3. Electrostatic adsorption, not easy to have glue stains, and will not damage the display.    
4. Good light transmittance, basically the same as the screen effect during application.    
5. The sheet protective film is a chemical product, and it is prone to oxidation when it is affected by high temperature or light for a long time.    
6. Stored in the warehouse, should be placed in a dry and ventilated place during logistics and transportation, and keep the package in a dry and water-free state, and avoid direct light.    
7. After the construction, remove the protective film of the board and clean the surface, and use special tools for cleaning.    
8. Protective film type adhesives, adhesive films and solvent-based rubber adhesives, solvent-based acrylate adhesives, water-based acrylate adhesives, and organic silicone adhesives. Acrylic resin adhesives are commonly used in such products, and it can easily adjust the adhesion and good transparency and weather resistance.    
9. The protective film self-adhesive film is generally produced by total extrusion and its self-adhesive layer is generally EVA, ultra-low-density polyethylene or polyolefin plastic body resin. This structure has gradually become the mainstream of the market, because It has more glue film with more advantages, such as no residual rubber, and provides stable adherence and reduces user costs and protects film makers to create high profits.


How to remove the sheet protective film?
1. Check carefully whether there are pullable tabs or raised areas on the sheet protective film.
2. If the sheet protective film does not have a pull tab, separate one corner of the protective film from the smooth surface and separate it with the round edge of the credit card.
3. Pinch the raised corner with your thumb and index finger, then pull it straight up, and slowly peel the corner back.
4. When the sheet protective film is difficult to pull, the long side of the credit card can be pushed into the crease between the protective film and the surface.
5. After removing the protective film, clean the smooth surface of any remaining adhesive with citrus cleaner.