The price of fire retardant film and how to choose
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Price parameters of fire retardant film:

brand Shujie
price 0.8-3.2 yuan (please contact customer service for specific quotation)
thickness 0.2mm
weight About 180-320 grams per square
Transmittance 75%
Width On-demand customization
Extreme temperature -30-65℃
Load-bearing 195KG per square
The main purpose Building hidden light source lighting, ceiling
Applicable place Commercial places/entertainment places/office places/hospitals/clubs/schools/concert halls/halls/industrial places, etc.


How to choose the fireproof and flame retardant film suitable for us, we need to comprehensively analyze the factors such as the material toughness of the PC film, the mechanical strength and the comprehensive balance cost:
1. Film flame retardant
At present, more silicone systems or sulfonate systems are used, especially silicone systems. The halogen-free silicone flame-retardant system has little effect on the mechanical properties of the material and high film-forming efficiency. It is currently a popular material in the PC film flame-retardant market.
2. Anti-dripping agent
3. Whether the strength is good, the choice of toughening agent material
Because PC film has certain requirements for toughness, some manufacturers will add some toughening agents to PC materials to strengthen the toughness of the material, including tensile strength and tear strength. According to the area and prestress of the membrane structure, the membrane material with appropriate technical parameters can be selected.
4. Processing technology and machinability
As far as the commonly used types in the market are concerned, some manufacturers suggest that PC film halogen-free barrier fuels should be pelletized for the second time. The purpose is to make the low-addition halogen-free silicone flame retardant dispersed more uniformly.
5. Fire resistance, the fire resistance of the fire retardant film must be selected.
6. Price cost
Whether the price exceeds the budget is also an important factor. Different types, brands and models of membrane structure materials have different prices. The better the performance, the more expensive the price. Generally speaking, the price of imported membrane materials is higher.
7. Light transmission performance
Whether it can create a soft and comfortable space environment can show its humanized advantages.
8. Safety and environmental protection
Are there any harmful substances such as cadmium, formaldehyde, ethanol, etc., are there any toxic substances released during use, and can they be recycled later.
9. Easy to clean
Can it be cleaned directly with water, it can save a lot of maintenance costs in the later stage.
10. Is it easy to install
11. Waterproof
12. Cold resistance
13. Sound absorption effect
14. Antibacterial