How can there be a manufacturer of steel cord packaging film
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Product parameters of steel cord packaging film:

brand Shujie
price 9-15 yuan (please contact customer service for specific quotation)
Specification On-demand customization
2 wires (customized as required)
viscosity High viscosity
450MM(Customized on demand)
Shrinkage high
transparency high
use Outer packaging of steel cord and other products
Scope of application
Industrial Products
Industrial Products

Common specifications of steel cord packaging film:

Specification(mm) amount Specification(mm) amount
1.5丝×200 Spot goods
2.0丝×300 Spot goods 2.5丝×300 Spot goods
1.5丝×220 Spot goods 2.0丝×320 Spot goods 2.5丝×320 Spot goods
1.5丝×340 Spot goods 2.0丝×340 Spot goods 2.5丝×340 Spot goods
1.5丝×350 Spot goods 2.0丝×360 Spot goods 2.5丝×350 Spot goods
1.5丝×360 Spot goods 2.0丝×380 Spot goods 2.5丝×360 Spot goods
1.5丝×380 Spot goods 2.0丝×400 Spot goods 2.5丝×400 Spot goods
1.5丝×400 Spot goods 2.0丝×420 Spot goods 2.5丝×420 Spot goods
1.5丝×450 Spot goods 2.0丝×450 Spot goods 2.5丝×600 Spot goods
Specifications 100mm- 2000mm can be customized


Advantages of steel cord packaging film:
1. Super stretch effect, 4 times that of ordinary stretch film, reducing the cost of use
2. High toughness, puncture resistance, strong product toughness, not easy to puncture and damage during packaging
3. The raw material has the characteristics of high transparency, strong stretchability, and high resilience.
4. Factory direct sales, sufficient stock, delivery at any time, eliminating the need for intermediate links
5. Different steel cord packaging films can be made according to the shape and specifications of the product
Where is the manufacturer of steel cord packaging film?
Changzhou Shujie Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of various steel cord packaging films. It has dozens of various professional production equipment, many new film making equipment and high-quality technical research and development talents. Always committed to improving film packaging solutions, and has high-end PE coated substrates and self-adhesive film production capabilities. The products are widely suitable for various industries such as food, chemical industry, cosmetics, industry, logistics and daily furniture and daily necessities.