Ranking of conductive film manufacturers (in no particular order)
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Conductive film refers to a film with conductive function, a film that can conduct electricity and has high transparency in the visible light range. It is a transparent conductive film uniformly prepared by physical or chemical coating methods. The main parameters are: surface resistance, uniformity of surface resistance, light transmittance, thermal stability, heating shrinkage, heating curling, etc. The light transmittance is mainly related to the substrate material used in the ITO film and the surface resistance of the ITO film. In the case of the same base material, the smaller the surface resistance of the ITO film, the greater the thickness of the ITO film, and the corresponding light transmittance will be reduced to a certain extent.


The following is the ranking of conductive film manufacturers compiled by Changzhou Shujie Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. (the following rankings are in no particular order and are only for industry understanding):
1. Dongxu Optoelectronics
Founded in 1992, it is mainly engaged in the production, sales and after-sales of electric vacuum glass devices, supporting electronic components, and auto parts.
2. CSG Group
Founded in 1984, it is mainly engaged in conductive film glass and other products.
3. Wanshun shares
Founded in 1998, it is mainly engaged in the three major businesses of environmentally friendly packaging materials, high-precision aluminum foil, and functional films.
4. Lucky Film
Founded in 1998, it is mainly engaged in the processing of color photo paper, photosensitive materials, information and imaging materials processing liquids and related chemistry Development, production and sales of products, color expansion equipment, digital imaging materials related to silver salt products, shielding films, conductive films, functional films, protective films, and release paper.
5. Kangdexin
Founded in 2001, it is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of polymer composite materials, functional film materials, pre-coated films, optical films, and new optoelectronic materials.
6. Ophea
Founded in 2001, it is mainly engaged in the manufacture of precision photoelectric thin film components, infrared cut filters and lens holder components, and flat touch screens.
7. Sudavig
Founded in 2001, the main business is laser transfer film, laser transfer paper, laser hot stamping foil, hot stamping film, hot stamping film,
Laser composite paper, laser composite film, holographic anti-counterfeiting film.
8. Jinfu Technology
Founded in 2004, its main products are photoelectric display thin film devices, liquid crystal display modules (LCIM and ELU) and smart TV sets.
9. Rijiu Optoelectronics
Founded in 2010, the main ITO conductive film
10. Shujie Plastic Industry
Specializing in the production of various PE bags (films), conductive bags (films), medical anti-adhesion films, sheet protective films, adhesive film substrates, release film substrates, steel cord packaging films, black and white conductive folding films, Products such as fire-retardant and flame-retardant films, the product line also includes composite films, release films, etc., providing packaging services for major industries.